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Scale your B2B CleanTech business with me—your Fractional CMO

Ready to reach new revenue goals but not ready to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer? A specialized part-time CMO may be the right choice for you.

With data-based marketing clarity and creative direction, we can work together to help you reach revenue goals.

You have a solid clean tech or green tech business that is ready to grow, you've set a stretch goal for revenue to match—and you realize you need help. But hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer is more than you're willing to do at the moment.


That's where I come in as a part-time CMO. I'm a seasoned marketer who has spent a career in B2B marketing for technical products and services. You tell me your revenue goal, and I'll work closely with you to develop a goals-focused marketing strategy, and manage your agency or creative team to deliver. Data, knowledge, clear direction, and creativity will get you to your target.


How I can help as a part-time CleanTech CMO

Just a few things I can cover...

audience insights and messaging

Audience Insights & Messaging

Let's take some time to not only get a real understanding of the buyer, but also their influencers. And how they like to be approached and spoken to.

channel analysis


With competitive landscape and buyer insights, we can try to understand where those buyers spend their time consuming media. 

marketing strategy

Full Marketing Strategy

I'll take in all the knowledge about your business and build a solid marketing strategy that may include offline and digital marketing such as advertising, content strategies, social media strategies, email marketing, media relations and much more. 

team management

Agency or Team Management

Whether you have an existing agency or band of in-house creatives, or you're in need of finding and developing that team, I've managed it. From plan to creative concept to execution and iteration based on results and data, I've got you covered.

A bit about me

Hi, I'm Kerri Ryan (KRyan...out loud. Get it?) My driving force is helping innovators connect with their market—I serve as a geek speak translator so B2B technology companies like yours can stand out in the market. I've worked for the past 15 years in Energy and CleanTech, SaaS, IT, and Professional Services from several vantage points: as an independent consultant, a partner in a marketing agency, and as a marketing leader within several large enterprises.

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